18 months

18 months, you’ve been here for a week, almost. I meant to write to you sooner. I meant to tell you how long you have been in coming.  When we first started out, I never imagined that I could make it to 18 months.  All I could see was the crying and the fussying and sleep deprivation and the endless diapers and the endless walking, walking, walking at night.

18 months, YOU are what I signed up for, the sweetness and the chubby little arms around my neck saying ” ‘ug, ‘ug” as you hug me and I hug you.  Every new word, every new day exciting, and, frankly, a lot less work than a year ago. 

18 months, you run around hither and thither, you protest having to come inside from outdoors where you are exploring rocks and how rocks hit the ground when you throw them and how other things hit the ground when you throw them. You say, “no, no” to yourself as you do the very thing you were told “no” for in the first place.  Somehow you learned the word “pizza” and all that that tomato-y goodness implies.  You cry when the kitties fight.  You still nurse a lot, like its your favorite thing. I think it is.

You blow my mind with your sweetness, 18 months.  You make me glad that last year is over and that I keep falling more and more in love with you.  You make me shake my head with how amazing you are. You fascinate me with your learning. Your amazing baby intelligence keeps me wondering what you’ll do next.

I’m still not so keen on the nighttime stuff, 18 months, but someday I know you’ll get there.

18 months, you rock my world.

I love you.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Mom
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 07:39:17

    Ditto, 18 months. I love you, and can’t wait for my next “ug”:)

    Your Nana.


  2. Auds at Barking Mad
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 14:45:13

    For us, the road from 18 months to 3 was pretty smooth, despite the still ever present night waking. There were some frustrations, but that’s par for the course. What I wasn’t expecting was for the Terrible Two’s to be massively delayed and turn into the Torrentialy Miserable Three’s! Oiy!

    Beautiful post.


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