Today’s Money

Car = several hundred to keep running

Cat = almost as much to keep him running, as well

Credit card statement = groan

Adventures in (Teenage)Babysitting

while we have no idea whether we are going to move or not, we are proceeding as if we might be. There are 3 high school girls who live a few houses down who offered to watch Miles occasionally. This week was spring break and I thought I’d be able to have a lot of help but I’ve only gotten one of them to come over for a couple hours. I asked her yesterday to come this afternoon if she didn’t have anything else going on but neglected to ask her to LET ME KNOW if she was going to make other plans.  “Sorry I can’t come I’m at a softball game” is what she wrote when I asked her if she could come over at 3.

I think I need a babysitter who isn’t in 9th grade.


I have no idea how people sell houses and still manage to keep up with all the regular, everyday stuff that they have to do.


today was one of those days that knocks all the confidence out of you as a parent. I feel like I’m doing it wrong.  I hate the way I react to  the TT sometimes because I shouldn’t BE reacting since I’m the adult and instead I’m all upset and “why is he acting like a two year old???“.

Hi. I maybe have unrealistic expectations sometimes.  I’m a horrible mother. I know it. I feel sorry for the Tyrant.


The TT pretty much exsists on breastmilk and air.  He nurses pretty much every hour. Or half hour. Or five minutes.  He bit me twice today. Sometimes it gets old.  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it feels like it isn’t.

Nursing is one of his most favorite things in the world.


Diaper changes, seriously I’m surprised that someone hasn’t called Child Protective Services on me when they hear him going on and on during a change. He really acts like I’m abusing him or something.

Even more crunchy

I’ve been taking the TT’s bathwater and putting it in the washer to wash laundry with. I pour it into an old kitty litter pail to take downstairs.

T thinks I’m nuts.

Tonight I showered in the TT’s bathtub. Then I took that water downstairs for the washer, too.  Don’t tell T. He’ll be calling the Mental Health Ward of the local hospital soon.

Who knows? Maybe I am nuts.


There. If I had had the time and/or energy I could have turned any one of these into a tepidly entertaining post.  I did in my head.


I need to go to bed. 2:30 a.m. comes pretty early.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bejewell
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 11:10:15

    I relate to all of this except the moving and the nursing bits. Mine has suddenly stopped sleeping through the night, which is a really fun added bonus to the diaper-change-wrestlling-matches and screaming-fits-for-no-reason.

    Two year olds are AWESOME.


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