In Which Mrs Fussy Crankypants and the Tiny Tyrant go for a Ride

Mrs FussyCrankypants and the Tiny Tyrant just spent a week on a Bye-Bye Excursion to end all Bye-Bye Excursions.  The TT’s day is literally motivated by the desire to go Bye-Bye and therefore last week Mrs FC took him Bye-Bye with a vengeance.  With La Grande Dame a la Fussy and her husband (who is not Fussy at all), Mrs FC and the TT traveled all the way to Nawfawk, VA,  to visit Mrs FC’s Brother the Sailor and his wife the no-longer-singing-sailor (who also is not Fussy).

Thanks to Nana and to the Magic Powers of the DVD player, the TT managed to endure two days of travel there and two days back without any few major Baby Meltdowns.

While there, Mrs FC ate enough shellfish to power a small nation, indulged in gratuitous cake eating and supported the Starbucks Corporation to the best of her ability.

There was also this:

The TT at the beach

The TT at the beach


And this:

Sail away, sail away, sail away

Sail away, sail away, sail away


Quite a bit of this:



And even a little of this:

Shore leave

Shore leave

Mrs FC also enjoyed performances by military bands from around the world and you can, too, if you would so care.  Mrs FC recommends the following, particularly the first one since it includes the World’s Best Navy Brother and his band:

And also this:

And even, if you dare, this speciman of Gym Wheel:

Finally, Mrs FC got to spend some quality time with her wonderful family, including her not-Fussy new sister-in-law, for which she was grateful. Mrs FC owes a big thank you to the TT’s Nana and to her not-Fussy new sister-in-law for giving her big, big hands with the TT. Mrs FC feels much less Fussy when considering their kind helpfulness on the TT front.

Mrs FC feels very Fussy to be back home again and wishes that her trip could have lasted far longer but she is fairly sure that others were probably glad to be rid of the Fussy, which is only endurable for so long before driving one to drink.

Mrs FC would like to leave you with a picture of some of the cutest residents of Nawfawk, VA:

Mrs FC defies you to find a cuter sailor and ex-sailor anywhere

Mrs FC defies you to find a cuter sailor and ex-sailor anywhere


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon
    May 07, 2009 @ 11:31:34

    Oh, the tiny tyrant’s cuteness factor is growing exponentially by the day. I wish to play in the sand on the beach with him.


  2. Rachel
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 21:22:41

    Awwww…gosh, thanks! I’m actually quite Fussy. Your brother can tell you all about my Fussiness! It was great to have you all visit – I wish you could have stayed longer, too. Hopefully, we’ll get to spend some time together in July. B & I are working on the logistics. Sweet dreams!


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