Considering Angie

I contacted her via Freecycle. She was in search of extra plants for a beautification project her church group was working on for one of the area schools.

She came by late, after Miles was in bed, a petite, dark-haired energetic woman, young with her hair in a ponytail.

In the darkening evening, as I dug up the extra plants from the cool evening for her to take and use somewhere else, she told me her story, or, more accurately, her daughter’s story.

Her daughter, 4 years old, her first-born, beautiful girl, the image of her mother. Her daughter, who in February, darted away from her dad as he had his back turned at the park getting the other two toddlers out of the car, who headed down to feed the ducks.  Who, the last time she was at the park, had gone out on the ice. Who attempted to again.

By the time they found her, she had been underwater for 30 minutes.  She was technically dead.  A team of 40 caregivers worked over her at Children’s Hospital for 2 hours, unable to stop giving CPR until her little body had been warmed up enough to see if she could breath on her own.

Angie was, she told me, firmly convinced that her daughter will make more gains that predicted. She is already doing things the doctors said she wouldn’t be able to. She can communicate now by blinking her eyes. She still seizures frequently as her little brain makes new neural connections to help her relearn how to live.

I met Angie’s family; they were waiting for her in the car.  The 2 year old out cold, the 1 year old squirming and unhappy at being in the carseat so late at night. Abby, with her pixie-cut, glossy dark hair and big brown eyes, looking up at the light, at nothing.

I came back in and cried.  How do you endure the unendurable?

If you ever desire to see a vivid example of the sustaining power, and not only sustaining but invigorating power, of faith, just meet up with Angie. She’ll be the one telling you of God’s intervention in bringing her daughter back to life, in sustaining her marriage through the unimagineable, in giving her grace and strength to learn how to raise her daughter in a way she never, ever envisioned having to do. 

I hope I never have to face what Angie has faced. I hope I can cling so strongly to Christ as she has done if I do.


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  1. The Mom
    May 12, 2009 @ 11:01:26

    Throughout His Word, God promises us that His grace will be sufficient for whatever we will face in life. But we must be willing to receive His grace. So many times when things go wrong, we blame God for allowing them and turn from Him, instead of recognizing that He is the One Who will sustain us through them.
    What an incredible and beautiful example this young family is!


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