Stream of conciousness

Rob and colleen lost 2 of their 3 cats in 2 short days.  I feel so sorry for them. sniff. will be a wreck when Ollie goes, i just know it.

warm, scent-laden breezes wafting through the windows, flirting with the curtains

swish of car tires on the road outside

T and the TT out for a walk somewhere = quiet

birds chirping, cat meowing to get back upstairs…go get cat

cat came up

need to go put up another shelf in laundry room. it’s such a jumble, that room, i need to get it organized.

actually went to church today. Happy Pentecost, everyone!  have been feeling the need to sing hymns again. pastor started strong and lost steam as he went, getting bogged down in illustration after illustration.  tedious. also his notion of language-learning as being only of the ‘educated class’ (hence, the surprise exhibited at the ‘uneducated’ Galileans being able to speak many languages) but that is an American concept. America, the home of the hopelessly monolingual.  many people around the world who lack classroom learning are multi-linguagal. it’s based on need and exposure, not some magical educational formula.


they only sang 2 hymns. but Miles had fun w/ the kids. may try another church next week. altho this one suits Miles’s nap schedule best.

my balance is pathetic. need to work on it. am afraid i will be a tottering elderly woman who meets her end with a tumble down the stairs…at age 53.  looking for tai chi classes but the local Ys are limited in this. need somehting that has child care.  maybe a dvd?  but want the group effect…

gotta go install shelf in laundry room.

hope T and TT having a good time.

wish i could go outside.

need to go finish my work so i can play.

that’s all.


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  1. The Mom
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 07:49:21

    Perhaps Rob and Colleen would be willing to take 2 of your 3 cats. (It’s worth a try!)


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