I’ve just learned this evening that the ecological footprint of Korea’s Gyeonggi-do region, the area that is home to Seoul and all its 15 million inhabitants, is approximately 3.82 global ha.

Just out of curiousity, I checked to see what the ecological footprint of the average American is. What do you think it is? No fair cheating, just guess….







24 global ha. 


That is five city blocks plus a little more. Per person.

And guess who wants to be just like us (and who our companies are convincing that they need the “American lifestyle” to be happy so we can sell them stuff and keep the profit-making machines going)?  The Rest of the World.


But, hey!  We’re AMERICANS, we’re allowed to use as many resources as we want, right?  We are just THAT AWESOME.

So back off, all you enviro-Nazis!

Now I’ve just gotta go turn on the hose so I can wash down my Hummer for a half an hour or so since the sprinkler system left watermarks on it since I had to leave it out because the new speedboat took up the garage.  I’m just going to kick the air conditioner down a bit before I do that ’cause it’s too hot in here and I can’t frickn’ see anything because those gol-darned trees on the front lawn are in the way (I’ve really GOT to cut those suckers down, they block all the light, espcially in summer) so I better turn on all the lights. Oh, and excuse me while I throw some stuff away that I bought the other day but I don’t really want anymore.  course that means I’ll have to take a 4th trash can to the curb but maybe I can load them onto the riding mower and take them that way….


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  1. little j
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 13:34:22

    you got a hummer? how cool! I guess Troy’s work on those tests really paid off. But I heard with the economy GM’s gonna have to drop the Hummer brand. Still . . . is it bright yellow? I think that would really play off of Troy’s complexion . . . well, everyone will be so jealous.


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