Natural remedies

I’m not a big fan of taking medicine for the little things in life and so I’ve had these resources in my file for awhile and wanted to post them. I ended up posting them today on the LLL site that I maintain and figured I would copy and paste it here.  Easy-peasy!

A few simple home remedies may be no farther than your cupboard or your garden:

Buckwheat honey

Studies have now shown that this honey is a safe alternative to other over-the-counter cold remedies. Researchers have found that this honey is more effective than dextromethorphan, a common ingredient in cough medicines.

Recommended doses are: 
Age 1-5, 1/2 tsp
Age 6-11, 1 tsp
Age 12+, 2 tsp
up to every couple hours as needed.

**NEVER GIVE HONEY TO BABIES UNDER THE AGE OF ONE.**  If you are not sure whether to give honey to your baby, ask your doctor.

Calendula (aka, marigolds, but doesn’t calendula sound more exotic and arcane?)

Calendula helps soothe a number of skin ailments including, dry, itchy skin, sunburn, rashes and bugbites.  Calenduala is a natural anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties.

How to prepare a calendula compress:

Steep 2 Tbsp dried calendual flowers in 1/2 liter of boiling water. Soak washcloth in calendula water and apply as compress as needed.

See link above for other recipes!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cristina
    Oct 04, 2009 @ 17:15:24

    hi, can you tell me how can I prepare dried Calendula for my soap mold hand made (Cold Prosess). and it’s good for? Thank you.


    • ~m
      Oct 06, 2009 @ 11:50:40

      Hi, Cristina! Well, if you pick and dry the flower heads throughout the season, you should have a good supply of dried petals to work with. i store mine in a glass jar. I have never made soap with it but I would think you would add maybe a few tablespoons or a quarter cup depending on how big the batch was you are working with.
      Dried calendula flowers are good for for topical treatments such as reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing, mild sunburn and for antiseptic purposes. You can also use it to make tea!
      Good luck with your soap! Sounds fun 😀


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