Seven Things I LOVE

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About 300 hundred years ago, Emily over at barefootintherain tagged me to write about 7 things that I LOVE (not just love but LOVE).  Emily is an amazing mother to her beautiful children ( I SO envy her mad mom skillz).  She has so much energy, which I also envy, and her crafting skillz are extraordinary. (I mean, I know many excellent crafters, but she kind of takes the cake. She took one knitting class for like 30 minutes and went home and knit her daughter the cutest pair of pants ever. I went to a knitting class and, well, I still have the same straggly row on my knitting needles from last winter.)

If you haven’t looked at Emily’s blog you should, because she posts awesome stuff like recipes for healthy alternatives to everyday not-so-healthy food items as well as for green personal care/cleaning products. Plus, her hubby is a firefighter so he pretty much saves the world everyday and how cool is that?

So, the problem is that I have been thinking about this and also wanting to do it but have decided to break it down into chunks. Most likely seven of them. Because, you know, that’s how many the topic is about. And that is convenient and also it is easy to remember and anything that is easy to remember is pretty much the only thing that I am GOING to remember.


Seven Things I LOVE, Part I:

 1) Family: I love my family,  my own little one, my immediate one and my extended one.  I think that my extended family is exceptionally close and we all stay in close touch. Whenever we meet (which is not often given how scattered across the continent we are), we pick up where we left off.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in asking any of them for help or in offering them help if they asked me. I think that I am pretty lucky in this regard.

There are scads of people in my family and we would fill an entire conference hall or at least a hotel ball room or at any rate an entire ice cream shop were we to all be in the same place at the same time.  That occurence is sadly infrequent (see above: scattered across the continent) but at the same time have people scattered hither and yon is also rather convenient in that if you want to take a trip somewhere, chances are you’ll know someone who lives there and can cadge cheap as in free lodging.

I feel very fortunate on both sides of my extended family.  I have greater contact with my mom’s side since I fell out of touch with my dad’s side after he divorced us (which is, really, how divorce work. it’s not just the mom and dad, is it? it’s the whole family.  but anyhoodle.) but I do feel I could depend on any of my family at any time.

And that’s a real gift. And one that I cherish.

Stay tuned for Part II


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Jul 01, 2009 @ 06:36:52

    You’re too sweet M! Really I’m not as awesome as you make me out to be…just a little insane and alot of an overachiever, haha.

    I’m so excited to read your 7 things! 🙂


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