Cheers and Jeers

Best things I saw today:

The bearded, long-haired, flannel-wearing hippy guy walking his 2 dogs down the street….with his baby in a Snugli carrier on his chest.

The single pink poppy that is blooming in my front garden…despite the myriad poppy seeds I have sown, this is the only one that has germinated and bloomed. Yay!

My little son wading through the flowers (ok, so THAT wasn’t the good thing) to point out all the colors he could see.  My little son holding a purple coneflower bloom that was almost as big as his head.

Worst things I saw today:

The car that nearly drove into my driver’s side because it was too eager to make a turn across traffic and didn’t bother to wait and see if there was anything coming behind the FedEx truck in front of him.

The one piece of kiddie poo at the splash park that closed down the park.  of course I noted size and texture since I have a toddler.  Everyone else seemed grossed out but all I could think was that yeah i pretty much see that everyday.  Don’t these moms remember? It’s just kiddie poo.


Good Eats!

I picked up the book Eating the Greek Way by fedon alexander lindberg from the library recently and it is CHOCK FULL of gloriously delicious-sounding recipes.

This is the one I tried out tonight and if you don’t try it, you’re missing out (also, this is reprinted WITHOUT the author’s permission but I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING this book to you so its like free publicity and you can’t beat that. Can  you? Please don’t sue me, nice Mr. Lindberg!):

Chicken Baked in Spiced Yogurt

6 skinless chicken legs or 6 thighs and 6 drumsticks
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp paprika
good pinch ground cinnamon
pinch cayenne
salt &  pepper

He goes through a bunch of steps on how to cook it on the stove and in the oven but since I have a Tiny Tyrant and since I choose to spend my free time NOT cooking (oh, wait, what free time?  The last nap has gone the way of the dodo, it seems, at least this week…) I mixed up the yogurt and spices, let it marinate and hurled it all in the crockpot on high for 4 hours. I threw in a bunch of organic carrots, too, and they were YUMMY.  I ended up using only 4 (free-range because, poor chickens!) thighs and reduced the yogurt and oil by half but added the same amount of herbs/spices.  It turned out just right.

I served it w/ a side of leftover couscous from the freezer.  It wasn’t quite enough so I prepared 1/2 cup of bulgur, added that to the couscous, nuked it till warm and stirred in the liquid from the cooked chicken and carrots along w/ a little extra olive oil because, why not?

For the birds

Where, oh, where art thou, blogger dearest?  Hither and yon, hither and yon, putting a girdle about the earth in 40 minutes, you know, give or take.

Not really, it just seems like it.  At the very least,  I have been putting a girdle about several states and luckily there has been lots of ice cream involved in this. Lots.

A family reunion with part of my huge extended family was divine. Most recently we spent a few days in a Very Large City north of here during which T had several interviews with A Very Large Financial Group.  He’ll heare more about that this week but more importantly Miles had a Very Fun Time with the daughters of our darling (and much more hip than we will ever be able to be) friends including bouncing on their trampoline, seeing butterflies at the conservatory and watching the elephants and penguins at the zoo.  He was entranced by the aquarium section of the zoo, the enormous fish swimming in front of his very face and his pudgy little hands glued to the glass.  His mama was fascinated by the manatees.

Did I mention there was ice cream as well?

My dear friend in the Very Large City went to visit her dear sister last spring in Tanzania and she brought me back a little gift, something that I would never have thought about for myself but which she somehow knew was exactly right for me.  Because I am tired (I know, it’s unexpected, isn’t it?) and because it is almost bedtime for a gloriously darling TT, I’ll show you some pictures of this enchanting little present, which is my new Favorite Thing:









My job is so glamourous.


I know you are eaten through and through with hot, green, boiling jealousy.


Today’s paper:


The effects of sitz bath massage on postoperative pain, anxiety, and mood states in patients with hemorrhoidectomy


Read it and weep. 



I know I am.

Wednesday’s child

Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.


My uncle died last night, or, rather, one of my uncles.

He was my dad’s brother-in-law, married to my dad’s eldest sister.  He was one of those men that intimidated me as a child, big voiced, loud of laugh.

Last summer was the first time I had seen him in many, many years. After my dad left, there was very little interaction for me w/ my paternal relatives, barring a few cousins.  Not from animosity, it was just easier given the circumstances and the changes that occur in living patterns post-high school/college, etc.

I don’t feel I knew him  particularly well but he was relative and in fact is the first of my aunts and uncles to leave.

That alone makes me sad.


A mom’s group I went to today left me feeling  more depressed than the reverse.

I have no idea why but it took me most of the rest of the day to shake it.

Actually, I DO have an idea why. Pretty consistently, I manage to say something really stupid there, one of those things that make you think “did I just say that OUT LOUD?”  Not that that is unusal for me. but still, it isn’t pleasant.  And then you sit there and remember it all day long, playing it over and over again in your head until it is a mutant child of what acutally happened and far, far worse than probably it was but that is cold comfort when you wish you would just learn already and keep your mouth shut, closed, sealed, zipped.


Since trouble always comes in threes:

I realized, after walking up to the library and wandering around the library and reading books to the TT and interacting with various library-type individuals and walking up to the and playing with the TT, that….


….. a strategic button on my shirt was unbuttoned.

Perhaps that is why the older gentleman in the library smiled at me so kindly. Perhaps I made his day. It’s nice to feel I brought a little joy to SOMEONE today.


did I say trouble comes in threes?  I meant fours because:

there is neither cookies nor ice cream in the house.


What a day.

Tuesday & the underwhelming urge to be fit



Whole Grain Zucchini Parmesan Pancakes

Growing up, my mom’s zucchini (yes, zucchini) pancakes were always a treat for me, mostly due, probably, to the parmesan in them 🙂

1 c. any mixture of grain flours (I used whole wheat, flaxmeal, and quinoa today)
1 c. milk
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 med zucchini, shredded
1/4 c parmesan (or more. why not?)
dash pepper

1. Mix
2. Cook
3. Eat.

Makes about 8 pancakes.

Today, Emily (remember Emily? Hi, Emily! I didn’t forget about the 7 things I LOVE) wrote about feeling discouraged about her fitness program that she has recently started (did I mention that Emily is about a size 2 and most likely only needs to lose weight in her little finger, if at all?).

I have been thinking about this for myself. Not that I am doing X-stretch or “shred” (whatever THAT may be. sounds dangerous to me) or anything remotely difficult. In fact, I can hardly motivate myself to go for a walk even when the weather is beautiful like it has been this week and yet we are constantly  made to feel guilty for not getting at least 1/2 hour of exercise every single blessed day.  Who has time for that? Who has the energy? Not mamas of little ones, IMHO.

I blame mothering toddlers. No, really, I do.  It just kinds of saps your motivation for pretty  much anything, especially the sleep deprivation part.

I’d like to lose about 8 more pounds to get where I was before I got pregnant w/ Miles and before I put on the 10 pounds I put on before I got pregnant with Miles.  I’d like to do that before getting pregnant again (IF that ever happens). 


I know full well how good exercise is for me, how well it makes me feel and how happy I am when I can wear certain clothes without feeling constricted.  But that may all have to wait until I have navigated these uncharted toddler waters. And if that means that for the next 6 years I don’t exercise as regularly and as consistently as I should and as we are told we should every time we turn around, well, I’m not going to feel guilty about it.

So there.

I’d much rather eat brownies, anyway, and if that is what it takes to survive, so be it.

Parmesan Pancakes?  Brownies? Bring it on! I’m ready!

Travel Time

Or, Things to Remember to Not Forget Next Time, or Why Traveling with a Toddler Redefines the Word “Trip”

1. Camera, for that 18th picture of the TT playing with the baby goat or thinking about playing with the baby goat or thinking about playing in the baby goat’s water trough that has no wine in it

2. Witch hazel, to remedy the next skin burn I get from the strap of the husband’s bag sliding down my arm because i thot i could carry everything all at once and save myself a trip but really what does he have in there because it’s not the wine???

3. WD-40, for squeaky doors that cause mama to need a glass of wine to deal with the irritation and desperate hopes that they won’t waken the TT

4. Tape, for the curtains in the bedroom that never totally block the light out because there are gaps between them and the walls so the TT thinks he needs to get down and go play with more baby goats when in reality he needs to be falling alseep so mama can go watch mindless TV while drinking wine read something completely edifying and probably spiritually fulfilling as well because she is just that kind of a well-rounded individual

5. Corner protectors, for those sharp corners that are on every single piece of hotel furniture right at TT eye level and that cause mama to need a glass of wine after all those near-misses

6. Wine, self-explanatory

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