Another Reason I Co-sleep

Because my wiggly little boy is hardly ever still and I know that the moments that he snuggles up close to me at night are fleeting and precious, that in not very long from now he will squirm away from my hugs and roll his eyes if I try to give him a smooch.  The times when he curls up against me looking for comfort almost make up for all the rolling and tossing and turning and  noises and 3 hours awake at night times.

Because when I dream, like last night, that the gate to our new white picket fence, the fence on which I rely so heavily  now to protect my son from wandering off and out into the street, that gate in my dream was left unlatched and in  my dream I saw that it was open and that my son was no where to be found. In my dream he had vanished without sight or sound and no one could tell me that they had seen him and I couldn’t find him anywhere despite crying his name, despite driving around looking for him even though i could only drive in one direction at once when what i really needed to do was go in all directions at once.  to find him as soon as possible. 

But even in my dream I could reach out and touch his warm, little body right next to me and know that I was only dreaming, that my mind was telling me to still be cautious despite the new fence, that no matter how comfortable I might want to get, parenting a toddler takes constant vigilance.

Because when he himself began crying out, sobbing tears in his sleep as if he felt my dream distress (actually, I think he was just cold but the other sounds more poetic, right?), I could just put my arm out and draw him closer and feel warm and cozy, loving him with all my might, breaking through his unconsciousness and comforting him without hardly moving.

That is why I co-sleep. 

Because when it works (ie, when he actually sleeps in bed), it works amazingly and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 07:58:49

    Precious and so often wish both of my kiddos could be in bed with me.


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