Grease and other natural calamities

Here it is, the complete list of all this natural I am doing right now. Ok, not complete. Just kind of the things that are coming to mind as I have about 3 minutes before I go up to put the TT to bed.

Lesson 1) Homemade deodorant really DOES work.

Yes, I, too, was sceptically but when some friends of mine told me that it worked for them and then actually GAVE me some to try so I didn’t even have to take the 3 seconds it takes to make it myself, I tried it.


And I tend to be a very aromatic individual so I would not lead you up the garden path on this.

Here you go. You can thank me later:

1/4 c. cornstarch
1/4 c. baking soda (aluminum free or you are defeating the purpose of avoiding chemicals)
3 tbsp coconut oil
and your favorite essential oil mixed in to your taste.  The one I have uses lavender and I like it a lot.

Lesson 2)  The furniture polish mix actually works better with more oil and less lemon juice. 

I have finished up the furniture polish (don’t worry, it was non-toxic) and was ready to try the homemade stuff. Some sites I read suggested that there should be more lemon juice than olive oil but that didn’t really work for me.

1/2 c. cheapest olive oil
1/4 c. lemon juice

mix and apply with cloth or squirt bottle. I decanted mine into a squirt bottle and keep it in the fridge so it won’t go rancid between the times I clean, you know, which is every 8 months or so.

Lesson 3)  Learning to embrace the hair grease can be a challenge.

I finally ran out of my shampoo and conditioner and was ready to go the no poo route for my most recent hair washing.

Since I only wash my hair once a week (Thursdays, if you must know, which is why if you see me on Thursdays you will notice I always wear a handerchief covering my hair. I haven’t joined a religious group, I just want to spare you the hair oil), I am figuring it will be easier for me to get through the difficult time when your head has to adjust to not needing to produce so much oil.

2-3 Tbs baking soda
1-2 Tbsp water or enough to make a paste

massage into scalp only and let rest for a minute or two then


1 part white vinegar to 3-4 parts water plus 1/2 tsp vanilla to cover the vinegar scent and make you smell like a cookie(optional)

So I tried this on Thursday and I’m not sure I did it right.  The baking soda just didn’t rinse out of my hair very well after the vinegar rinse and was pretty dense yesterday altho today it is feeling better. I think I will need to rinse with water after the vinegar rinse and see what happens.

My hair doesn’t feel necessarily clean but it’s not too bad, kind of like it feels toward the end of the week say on Wednesday.

One tip to doing this is to brush your hair well using a soft-bristled brush to pull your natural hair oil into all parts of  your hair and away from your scalp.

(I can hear Amber groaning already.  I wonder if I am getting too crunchy to even live in Oregon again.)

(Ha! Nah….)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 19:48:45

    Yay deodorant! I’m going to make my next batch with cocoa butter and try that out.

    As far as the no poo method, I’ve also heard that instead of making a paste you can just sprinkle plain baking soda (without the water) into your hair, work the powder through your scalp which will attach to any dirts, brush it through your hair, rinse out with water as hot as you can stand, do a vinegar rinse and then rinse with water again. I’m wanting to try this but I’ll be waiting until hubs works again (I usually experiment with things when he’s at work so I don’t have to get the weird eye look).

    You would be so proud of me…I went five days FIVE DAYS last week without hair washing. I would have gone longer but I think my scalp was aching from wearing my hair up all week. Time to invest in some lovely scarves…or hankies…or just use the kids’ playsilks.


    • ~m
      Oct 19, 2009 @ 12:04:06

      awesome, Emily 🙂 I’m so proud of your wash-free week 😛 I know how it makes your scalp ache, tho. that’s why i switch to scarves at the end of the week 🙂


  2. The Mom
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 07:22:32

    Imitation vanilla, ounce for ounce, is more expensive than the cheapest shampoos. Is this about cost or chemicals? A buzz cut might be your best bet:)


    • ~m
      Oct 19, 2009 @ 12:02:34

      Mostly it’s about seeing if I can cut out one more thing and add that many more cups of Starbuck’s to my day 🙂
      it’s more about the chemicals, tho, especially since I recently got wise to the fact that anything my body absorbed through food or via my skin is going to get passed along to Miles. Switching to organic, all-natural shampoos and conditioners is a lot more expensive than baking soda and vanilla. (but actually I probably won’t do the vanilla since I couldn’t really smell it)


  3. Amberlina
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 16:15:11

    OH MY WORD. You know me so well. I was sitting here thinking, this is so NOT MY THING. And especially about the hair. I DO APPLAUD YOU THOUGH. It’s just that I couldn’t do it myself. BUT! I plan to use cloth diapers and puree my own baby food…so, do I still get to be your special friend????


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