Michele’s Status Update but Not the Facebook Kind in 400 words or less

So that is actually a pretty incoherent title.


Spent last week at my mom’s which was great as I got caught up on a little much-needed sleep.  The single-parent lifestyle is not conducive to that.  Goodwill was also ransacked, Starbucks frequented and a new design scheme formulated to update Mom’s guest bathroom.  The days are numbered for those late 80s style geese, let’s just say that.

Just found out on Monday that the buyer got his loan approved which is good in that we don’t have to find another buyer.  They wanted to close this Friday instead of next so we were able to move the whole plan forward by one week.  We ‘ll close this Friday and the movers will come next Thursday and I will sigh big sighs and maybe mope for awhile in between times as I go around and remember all my happy memories of the house and the garden and the neighborhood and my friends.

So far things have gone pretty smoothly in the home-sale process, apart from being smacked in the gob by a huge home maintenance issue.  The sale itself has been pretty smooth-sailing, knock on wood, altho I am still not keen on buying another home anytime soon.

Unless it was out on some good land where I could raise chicken and bushels of tomatoes.

In Oregon.

Well, that’s all I really had to say for now. Just wanted to let you know the score.  it will be a pretty busy last week as I mope finish up what little packing that I personally am going to do and get together with friends one last time.

Sorry for being boring in this post. Such is life.



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  1. Sharon
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 13:41:30

    I love your “boring” posts because then I feel like I know what is going on–the big picture. I shall stand with you as you mope. I do moping rather well myself.


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