For Your Consideration

Integration with other facilities such as flower beds, roadside planters, etc. is recommended. Limit integration with sanitation facilities such as trash cans, drinking fountain, etc.

Just sayin’.


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  1. Amberlina
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 17:54:41

    What can I even say in response? I wish I had a good come-back to share with you. We’ll just leave it at the fact that someone may very well die from following the instructions that I proofread yesterday for the manual that I STILL don’t know what it was describing. Boooooo!


  2. Amberlina
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 23:25:44

    I have blocked them from my memory. I think I was half asleep as I proofed (don’t tell on me)!


  3. Amberlina
    Jan 27, 2010 @ 17:57:39

    Limit terms which gives a sense of rejection to citizens


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