Oh, We Just Can’t HAVE Nice Things. Tsk

Oh, is that a map of the world you just got for Miles?  Let me throw up on it.

Oh, is that a new white rug for the bedroom? Let me throw up on it.

Oh!  A new, expensive slip-cover!  Allow me to use that as a scratching post!

Oh! A new, expensive slip-cover!  Allow me to see what happens when I write on it!

Oh! A new, expensive slip-cover! Allow me to throw up on it.

This is our new sisal area rug.  Let’s spill coffee on it and see what happens, shall we?

This is your new sisal area rug? Allow me to throw up on it.

And here is the lovely maroon and gold tablecloth from Thailand and oh, what’s this? Yes, a mysterious wax stain!

And here is an also-lovely multi-colored silk wallhanging, also from Thailand, which, let’s just play with the fringe with our claws and see what that does.

This unique serving dish I brought back from Korea? This one? Right here in several pieces on the floor? Yes, that’s the one.

Oh, look at this darling glass bird that was bought for Miles for his first Christmas! It’s just sitting up on the mantle. I think someone should jump up there and knock it down and smash it into smithereens.  Just for fun!

And by the way, Pottery Barn, to me, this sofa that was in the most recent catalog you sent me that I recycled:

Manhattan Leather Sofa

This just looks like one  big and very expensive scratching post to me.  Does it come with a double sticky finish? Or built-in automated squirt-gun triggered by feline proximity?  Coffee, tea, any other solid, liquid or gas or marker of pen or scissor-proofing? Because then I might be in.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 19:34:58



  2. The Mom
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 12:36:15

    I completely gave up all hope of ever having “pretty things” by the time we moved to Erie. They seem to be the exclusive property of other people:)


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