Fruits of Harvest

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get the canning thing going and with 27 tomato plants, I REALLY wanted it to happen.

Apparently, with the glasstop stove, some of them don’t get the water boiling hard enough to maintain a constant temperature, or something or other like that. I ordered a kit from Lehman’s dot com only to find that the graniteware pot isn’t recommended for smooth top stoves.  So then I went looking for a smooth bottomed stock pot that could hold quart size jars, only to find that it would be too large for the burner.

I have finally ended up buying more pint jars and am just going to can everything in those. It may take longer but in the longer run, we’ll have homemade tomato sauce this winter to enjoy in our chilis and spaghetti sauces!

I’m so glad I’ve learned to can. It’s so easy and so fun and it really gives a sense of acomplishment 🙂


August Walk

Dowdy duty

Let’s face it.  Motherhood is not always kind to the self-image.

No time for regular haircuts, no reason to put on make-up, clothes worn more for expediency than for attractiveness, not to mention that they are most likely a) have stains or b) will have stains in the near future.

A tendency to be wider than once you were with arms that are distinctly larger and more dimpled.  Thighs: ditto.

And then there’s the state of tiredness and even apathy brought on by little time for one’s self that doesn’t somehow involve a) work or b) catching up on some chore or other as well as a constant repitition to the days that blur them together.

Finally, one’s brain has pretty much shut down. One is lucky to remember what the date is and that is mostly from checking the date of your recent email in the inbox.

What’s a girl to do?

the days of traveling the world, feeling engaged in a job that, while not exactly of earth-shaking importance, was at least interesting (sometimes. maybe. actually, the paycheck was MORE interesting, to be honest) and now one lacks the interest, motivation or know-how to move beyond a pony tail and one’s breastfeeding-inspired wardrobe; to wit, shirts from Goodwill that allow for easy access.


Any recommendations?  I’m about due for my semi-annual haircut. I always say I’m going to get a new style but frankly, I know I won’t do anything requiring maintenance, upkeep, hair products or any other equipment than a comb.  Sweater weather is coming soon to hide my fat arms so yay!  But I’m seriously thinking about cleaning out my wardrobe, sending my stuff back to Goodwill from whence they came and starting over. Since I only wear about 3 shirts a week, it should cost too much, right?

Fight the frump?  I would if I could but I don’t know how!