Getting Baby Ready for Bed

The end of the day is usually the most hectic; not necessarily the most stressful, but the most hectic.  T gets home, supper must be finished and eaten and somehow gotten into Miles (ok, THAT is stressful) and proofreading maybe started and/or finished and amidst it all, the baby usually thinks he will collapse into a ball of screaming tired goo if he doesn’t get put to bed RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

The baby-changing ritual is one that T usually does to give him some time with baby since Baby goes to bed so early.  Usually I’m doing something else but after reading a photography book last week that talked about recording the little routines and rituals of life, I decided one night to just go in with my camera and settle in and be a part, outside of the hectic and the clutter and the trying-to-feed-Miles-ness of it all.


Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy, by Louise Bates Ames & Francis L. Ilg





….Firstborn children….tend to be capable, strong-willed, effective. They tend to have a high sense of responsibility and a high need for achievement. They like to do things “right”. They like to be leaders. Firstborn boys often are especially hard to raise. They like to have friends whom they can dominate.


First of all, accept the fact that at this age the child’s big emotionaly struggle is with his mother. She is the one who matters supremely to him. She is the one he needs to conquer.  Almost any young child is at his best but also at his worst with his own mother. Never more so than now [three and a half].

Ya think?




All I Have to Say is

It’s stinkin’ hot.

I’m melting over here.

Moving to Portland tomorrow.

Other news:

Had a baby.  At home.

You can just feel the empowerment, can’t you?  Gonna write more about that as soon as I get a moment in between:



cooking (ok, not really. too hot. must just eat ice cream instead. also, bacon.)


obsessing about the garden

getting behind on the huge stack of books I ambitiously checked out from the library because I can’t seem to control my book-portions despite have about 2.4 nanoseconds per day to read.

Also, did I mention the garden.  We are on Round Two Final Chance Or You Are Becoming Grass-seeded Open Turf Again on the main flower bed for this year.

Ok, apparently I’m going to tell you all about this so:

It’s either been hot as blazes thereby shrivelling all my seedlings into crisp little nothings or

it’s been raining maelstroms and pounding both seeds and seedlings into the earth.

So last week I dug out all the weeds which flourishethed like the green bay tree, raked it all out and scattered the appropriate fast-growing annual seeds throughout. Hopefully they will bloom some color before it frosts, which with my luck will be on September 2 before it gets Blazing Hot again until November 22.

Hope to take pix soon because the veggies are doing pretty well including the volunteer pumpkin plant that seeded itself right up against the side of the fence around the deck and is now doing its best to take over the entire deck area. It is awesome.  Altho a little disturbing.

Now, it is stinking 83 degrees in the house despite have the thermostat set at 76 so I am going to go sweat some more, shower, sweat and try to read more.

Right now? I”m reading Love Wins by Rob Bell and I’m also going to talk about that, I guess, for a minute since we are doing stream-of-consciousness blogging right now:

This book is awesome and if you haven’t read it, you should.

Oh, that’s all, I guess.

I’ve also been reading Erik Larson and he also writes really good reads.

Now I’m going to either

a) stop and go shower


b) stop this post and write another one about how awesome my newest addition is