Getting Baby Ready for Bed

The end of the day is usually the most hectic; not necessarily the most stressful, but the most hectic.  T gets home, supper must be finished and eaten and somehow gotten into Miles (ok, THAT is stressful) and proofreading maybe started and/or finished and amidst it all, the baby usually thinks he will collapse into a ball of screaming tired goo if he doesn’t get put to bed RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

The baby-changing ritual is one that T usually does to give him some time with baby since Baby goes to bed so early.  Usually I’m doing something else but after reading a photography book last week that talked about recording the little routines and rituals of life, I decided one night to just go in with my camera and settle in and be a part, outside of the hectic and the clutter and the trying-to-feed-Miles-ness of it all.


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