I can’t settle to things on days like today. I flit from thing to thing. Unloading the dishwasher, I’ll realize that I had meant to do something else.  Go and do that and you forget about the dishwasher. Don’t go anddo it andyou forget about whatver-it-was.


Little baby bugaboo has taken a page out of his older brother’s book and decided he needs to be walked to settle during the night.

Last night he woke up every hour or more.

I feel great.

By the time I get over being cranky from sleep deprivation, I’ll be pre-menopausal and cranky. My boys will never know me as not cranky.

My poor little boys.

That makes me want to cry but then everything makes me want to cry after a night like last night.

Four years+ is a long time to go without un-interrupted sleep. I’m just sayin’.

I kinda wish I had started this parenting experiment a lot sooner.  Then maybe I would have at least had a few not-cranky years to give my boys.

Going to go make more coffee…



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  1. Alison Schumacher
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 18:24:13

    I am with you re: the lack of sleep. It’s so much better now than even 6 months ago, but I remember the nights when I actually slept for many hours in a row… it seems like a dream now!


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