Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


I have 30 minutes (after H is abed) to go out for a walk/jog (jolk?) (wag?).


Assuming H goes to bed at a decent time.


And it isn’t already dark.


Or raining.


Or there’s too much work to do.


Sometimes I get to go and sometimes not.


It’s hard to get in shape this way.


Troy calls it “relaxercise” since it’s just a wee little time away from the young un’s.


Sometimes I wonder why I stress myself out about it so much. I wonder why I’m working so hard to achieve these goals that I have set up and that I somehow feel like I need to accomplish to raise my children the way they need.


Why not just start working again, part time or full time?  I would at least make enough to pay to put the boys in daycare/preschool.  They’d adjust. Right?  Presumably, since most kids go off to care these days, they would as most kids do.


or just put Little M in school next year. And H a few years after that.  Then I could work full-time, from home, the sound of silence a soothing balm to my ear.  Maybe some time for a coffee that I don’t have to reheat, time to get out to the garden on a lunch break, or a quick walk.  Maybe (probably) even being a better parent, more calm, less shout-y for it. Free to do my own thing again.


Why don’t I do that?


Why do I always take the hard way?




At the Lake

A day at Lake Michigan





I’m lucky enough that a variety of solidago plants have cropped up here and there in my yard.


Solidago, from the Latin:  “to strengthen or make whole”


Medicinal properties: Anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, astringent, diaphoretic, carminative, diuretic.


Plus, “goldenrod”, that’s just a pretty name.  Everyone could use a little solidago.