Miles wants to be a dolphin for Halloween this year.

(and a whale next year. and a ghost the year after that. and maybe a dog the year after that.  He takes long-term planning seriously.)

I am seriously considering a costume for myself.  Something highly impractical, long-skirted, that makes one want to yell “huzzah!”  quite often.

Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

I’m about to get medieval on your a$$.  (ha)

But you see how this will devolve, don’t you?  Not having a job in which I have to actually go out in public in decent clothes, I can, you know, pretty  much wear whatever I want.  First it’s a Medieval Dame for Halloween, next I’ve made a bunch of hoop skirts to wear around the house and pretty soon my whole wardrobe will consist mainly of period garb. Which I will start wearing out, since I pretty much don’t really care what other people think (I mean, for the most part.  Or maybe it’s just that I’m too tired).


Yeah. My kids are going to be scarred for life.




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