You know how when your 2 year old is being charming and winsome when you are out in public?  And people come up to you and tell you some variation of:


I miss those days!


Enjoy it! They grow so quickly!


Those are the best years!


And you look at them with a pained smile because:


Clearly they have FORGOTTEN.


The intensity, the mercurial emotion, moving from smiling happiness to screaming Hulk-out rages in 3.7 nanoseconds


The physicality, bearing the brunt of a child who decides he needs to be picked up and held right about the time when you are actually involved in actual work that goes best with 2 actual hands and, if you don’t pick him up, hearing the ear-splitting cries of rage and tragedy, getting the lash-out with hands or feet or the attempts with teeth.


The constant reaching and grabbing for things that should not be reached or grabbed and the following rage when you dare to move it out of reach or grab range or even wrestle it from victorious fists.


I’m not actually sure HOW you can forget this, but apparently most people do, or at least the ones that tell me how much I will miss it do.


Five,  yes, I’m having fun with five but 2? not so much….


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  1. The Mom
    Aug 27, 2013 @ 06:54:48

    It’s not forgetting; it’s merely selective remembering!


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