Things my Husband Will Never Experience



1. Taking a dump with an audience nearly every day.


2. Getting dressed with an audience nearly every day.


3. That trying to work while you are the main caretaker of your children is like being constantly poked, prodded and hair-pulled by chimpanzees and that 30 seconds is not nearly long enough to sustain the concentration needed to complete a task. any task, really.


unless you are taking a dump.  because then you are just trying to get out of the bathroom and lose your audience as fast as possible.


Late Summer




Just on principle, I am opposed to praise songs. But right now, an album a friend recorded is playing. It’s the two-year-old’s favorite music.  So for me, it’s like having my friend give a mini-concert in my living room (albeit, again and again and again and…).


And the afternoon sun is slanting in the sky with that feel, that particular atmosphere of Fall-on-it’s-Way.


Cicadas are whirring, the five-year-old coming back in the house, nose stuck in a book.


I have a fall-ubiquitous pumpkin-flavored latte to hand.


The two-year-old’s playtime toy–a bag of rice–is spread out all over the floor.


Nonetheless, this is one of those vignettes I’d like to bottle up, to paint, to record, to add to my memories of other Late Summer poignancies.




Toddler, meet  tower fan.






Female parental unit, meet $50 paper weight.