Garage Doors: A Brief Complaint

So for 12 years of married life, I lived garage-free.

I know. Unthinkable. HOW HAVE I SURVIVED?  And with an infant for a few of those years, no less.  How un-American, how un-patriotic, how Socialist of me.

But now, not only do we own a garage, we own not one but TWO garage doors.

And do you know what that means?  That means double the expenditure to fix the damn things.

Sears was out a week ago to fix T’s side,…for $200.  My side went out a couple weeks ago when the spring broke.  And then T’s side started acting funky again a few days ago. So let’s get BOTH springs replaced.

So we called another garage door place and they were running a replacement special for $145 for one or $210 for two and then when I called them back to schedule an appt, well it was $145 per spring, so for two doors it would be $290. Ok, $300 bucks, that’s ok.

So the guy gets out here, well, it’s $145 per spring for the spring that lasts 2 or 3 years but it’s only $215 per spring for a spring that lasts 7 – 8 years. Oh and he recommends TWO springs PER DOOR so:

$215 per spring x 4 springs = $860, which is a far cry from the original $300.

So, I say, do one door with ONE longer-lasting spring.

Ok.  But then in a phone huddle with T, we decide we’ll just do the ONE cheaper spring on ONE door and then see where we are down the road


THEN, the guy comes and knocks on the door. Well, I don’t have any cables on that door so it will be $51 for the cables.  Well, my dad fiddled with the cables a couple weeks ago when he was trying get the door to open and threw them out so yeah, I need new cables. Oh, but wait, the bearings on the door are very squeaky and they could rub through the pipe and the pipe could actually break and the door could fall BUT they are running a special to get all that replaced PLUS new rollers for $499.

Ok, so.

I say no, thanks, we can’t swing that right now.

And in a phone huddle with T he says, no, we should probably do it.

So back to the give the guy the ok.

And THEN T calls back and says he saw the exact same scenario online from another customer and that that sounded kind of suspicious to him and so I rush right back out and CANCEL the $499 package, which Guy wasn’t too happy about…and it COULD have been ligit, who knows, but still,

And MEANWHILE Miles is upset because I’m talking to Guy and decides he needs milk and cereal IMMEDIATELY and isn’t afraid to voice his complaints. And I”M irritated because just tell me up front what things are going to cost so I can make a decision PRIOR to your guy coming and telling me that my garage doors could fall down and kill me and I need to spend AT LEAST $500 to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Seriously, $500 for ONE GARAGE DOOR? 

For that price, I can just keep parking outside.

Just like I’ve been doing for the past dozen years.

Just call me unAmerican but I’ll be the one with the money in the bank.  (until next week, when we finish paying the midwife :S)


Is It Weird in Here or Is it Just Me?

So say there’s this man. Maybe he is a religious “leader”  figure  person involved in a religious position.

Say he has an affair with a female parishoner.

Say he does a bunk on his family, leaves his wife and kids and hooks up w/ this woman, who is also married w/ kids.

Say that about 2 decades pass.

Say that this woman’s ex-mother-in-law passes away.

Say they both decide that they need, for some reason, to attend the funeral, the funeral of his new (let’s say, “current”) wife’s ex-mother-in-law, which will also be attended of course by the current wife’s ex-husband, her ex-husband’s family and her ex-husband’s wife and family.

Is that weird? Or is it just me?  Seriously, I want to know what you think.


Alledgedly, Freecycle is awesome. You can get free stuff and you can give away all the crap nice things you don’t want cluttering up your house anymore.

Personally, I haven’t had a lot of luck with Freecycle.  I’ve offloaded given away some crap nice things, but for the most part either a) no one responds, or b) they respond but never come get it.

I have had someone write to say they would like it but can’t pick it up…*pregnant pause*, thereby insinuating that not only should I bestow my crap bounty on them, I should also give them door-to-door delivery service as well.

I have even had people take the time to write and tell me thanks, but they don’t need that right now.


And then, the subjects that are in the Re box are often hilarious on their own.  Quite often they involve the word “desperate”.

Now I equate desperate with needing an emergency kidney transplant or having recently suffered from a house fire or going-to-be-evicted-tomorrow-if-XXX-doesn’t-happen.

But today’s winner was:

“Desperately seeking queen mattress and box springs”

Someone is DESPERATE for a mattress and box springs. What?  The world will grind to a screeching halt if they have to sleep on the sofa tonight?  They will be forced to rob a bank to get money to support their harrowing Queen Mattress and Box Springs need?  Kittens will slaughtered by the masses unless a queen mattress and box springs are taken possession of immediately?

Call me crazy, but needing a mattress does not rank right up there as a desperate situation.

Ah, Freecycle; the Land of the Free and Home of the Desperate.

Moving Violation

Sighted this afternoon:




 middle-aged, Caucasian, beefy, wearing t-shirt of the indescriminant color ascribable to mixing whites and colors when washing, shirt sleeves removed presumably by a pair of extremely dull scissors or paring knife




 grey, rust-encrusted panel van, driver’s side window open




greenish-ink tattooed outline of:




a very large, very poorly-done teddy bear.



And remember, folks:

Friends don’t let friends get very large, very-poorly done teddy bear tattoos.

New Year’s Fail

Growing up I always had something going on on New Year’s Eve because there was always something going on with church/youth group: ie, midnight bowling (oh, the smell of a smoke-filled, sweaty-bowling-shoes New Year’s Eve).
Once I grew out of youth group, there were high school friends. In fact, one New Year’s Eve the marching band found itself in Florida for some event or other and we ended up riding Space Mountain at the stroke of midnight. Actually, we kept getting right back on every time the ride ended so that we could SAY we had ridden Space Mountain at the stroke of midnight. The attendants must have thought we were high. Or dumb high schoolers. Or, perhaps, both but my lips are sealed on that one. (Except that, since my mom reads this, I should confess that really it was just high schooler antics; no drugs were involved to enhance our natural dumbness.)
After high school, things pretty much were…non-existent…on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t really keep up w/ high school friends and my university friends lived elsewhere leaving me to become one of those New Year’s Eve Losers.
My folks would go off to their party at one of THEIR friends’ homes and there I would be, sitting sad and alone, perhaps sewing something, definitely feeling sorry for myself, and going to bed early.
Things kind of picked up again after I got married…now I had someone else with whom to feel lacrimose and maudlin on New Year’s Eve.
Of late, New Year’s Eve has been hit or miss. Last New Year’s Eve was a complete disaster as we attempted to go out for dinner with a colicky Tiny Tyrant (oh, the pain. and embarrassment.) but this New Year’s Eve we even got invited somewhere by someone who felt sorry for us a new aquaintance (thanks, Stella B!). We didn’t get to go but it was nice to be invited, all the same. Made me feel less of a New Year’s Eve Loser.
Someday we’ll be able to have our own New Year’s Eve traditions that will hopefully involve greater quantities of alcohol memory-making events than the past several have.

But for now, we are still New Year’s Eve Losers.

Happy New Year to you, from one loser to…a Not Loser.

Doing our best to keep the Medical Practice inBusiness

Last week Miles saw a pediatric opthamologist to determine whether or not he had esotropia of the right eye because his doctor wasn’t sure.

He didn’t, which was determined after about 5 minutes with the opthamologist, who we waited to see for 1.5 hours or so, merely confirming what we knew all along. He’s FINE.

In 14 months, this healthy child has:

spent 5 days in the NICU, 3 of which were spent having a ‘cooling treatment’ (which totally and completely sucked and was, in my professional parental opinion, a useless waste) and included many tubes, wires, monitors and an encephologram

seen 3 neurologists

had an MRI

had a trip to the ER (the only necessary one of the bunch)

seen a hearing specialist

seen 3 lactation consultants, 2 of which were seen multiple times

seen one pediatric opthamologist

had regular and frequent ‘well-baby’ check-ups and been dosed with vaccinations designed to provide short-term immunity against certain diseases


And this is for a 14-month old with no history of problems and no health issues. 


But at least the doctors have work.



Miles of update



A) Miles slept 10 hours straight through last night and only woke up a bit around 2 a.m.  But he just talked to himself and squealed and giggled and and eventually fell back to sleep.  I think he would have slept more this morning if he hadn’t soiled himself and needed changed. Silly pooper.

B) Miles’s Well-Baby Visit was awesome.  He was happy the whole time and didn’t even flinch when he got his DTaP shot.

C) Miles’s ped didn’t even flinch when I asked to do a delayed schedule for his vax.  She didn’t even flinch when I declined the HIB that she recommended for today and delayed it for next month with the Prevnar. 

D) According to what I learned last night when I googled her, Miles’s ped is a Catholic Sister of Charity as well as a trained medical doctor. She has worked in Armenia as a med missionary. She is an acupunturist. She is interested in Near Eastern Spirituality as well as Spirituality in Medicine. The center that she is affliated with (I have no idea if it is a convent or not) offers centering prayer, massage therapy and reiki.  She is way cool.  She said that if she had ever had a baby boy, she would not have circumcised him, just as we didn’t circ Miles and she was pleased to hear we were using cloth diapers as they are better for baby’s bottom.  She is way cool.

E) Miles is 16 1/2 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long.

F) Miles can reach for and grab stuff and put it in his mouth.

G) Miles has vanquished Mr. Uber FussyCrankypants and is now the happiest, easiest baby in the whole world.

H) Miles rocks.

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