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It’s Not That I’ve Been Avoiding You or Anything

I’ve just been, well, busy.

You probably know by now that T got a job in Indianapolis. So yay for a permanent job but boo for another move. Or at least boo for moving to Indiana!  The horoscope didn’t say anything about THAT coming. 

Oh, well. We’ve lived there before AND it’s one state closer to Oregon.  So it’s not all bad.

The week after Easter we had a mad whirlwind how-far-can-we-push-our-toddler-in-the-carseat tour of a bunch of different homes and finally settled on one we liked kind of rural-ish but not exactly but on HALF AN ACRE of land. Woohoo! Oh! The fruit trees! Oh, the berries! Oh, the veggies!  I’m really kind of excited about that, if you can’t tell.

We offered, they counter-offered, we accepted and today was the inspection.  There are some funky things going on with the house that are kind of major and need to be fixed and we are kind of wondering how the sellers didn’t know about them when they bought the house 8 years ago but then again, we  ourselves had the pleasure of buying the buyers of OUR house a brand new sewer stack so it just goes to show you.

The septic system was gurgling at the end of the inspection which means a plumber needs to take a look (by the way, the inspector ran the water for the whole 3 hours, telling me that it would be about 300 gallons of water which, according to him, is not excessive use for an American family. Let’s just say that together. Three HUNDRED GALLONS of water. PER FAMILY. I’m pretty sure I don’t use that much. I’m pretty much uber-water-conservation-Nazi who annoys her husband by her incessant nagging to turn off the water when washing dishes and who flushes her toilet with her own collected shower water. 300  hundred gallons?). So Plumber. 

Then the ceiling of the crawl space had at some point been insulated. Wrongly.  So the insulation was put on upside down and is now sagging and collecting moisture and this could cause rot and mold and all kinds of fun stuff.  So, that’s an issue.

AND, the sump pump is connected to its electral outlet by an extension cord. Extension cord + standing water = not actually very safe.

AND, the inspector could not find a way to access the crawl space under the newer addition, which includes the master bed/bath, utility room and garage (turns out it IS over a space, not slab).  T said he kept remarking on this and was even willing to come back at his own expense to inspect it if we could find a way in.

SO, that’s it in a nutshell and I really really really want to get my garden going THIS YEAR so those sellers better pony up and accomodate ME and since they have already moved out and are living elsewhere, you’d think they’d be kind of willing to do so.  Because loose gutters and some cracks in floor tile aren’t that big of a deal but health hazards kind of are. 

And plus we didn’t get any money back on the improvements WE did to OUR house (ok, granted they did not include a new kitchen with granite countertops BUT STILL) AND we had to buy a new sewer stack so they gotta take some hits, too, to equal out OUR personal karma.

Praying precisely

There has been some movement recently on potential jobs for T and one for which he interview last Friday and felt like he might be a strong candidate for and couple leads at his old job.

Nothing, however, in the city in which we now live.

And while I have been praying and believing quite as steadily as is possible for me, in between the bouts of not believing and feeling generally gloomy, that something good will turn up, this job for which T interviewed is in, well, Indiana.

It kind of came out of the blue and when he applied for it, he didn’t really think he had a chance but after a phone interivew (which he didn’t feel went particularly well) they called him in for a regular interview.  He actually quite liked the guy he’d be working under and, ironically, that guy’s boss is from Germany and so during T’s interview with Mr Germany, they talked a lot about the different kind of perspective you get when living in a foreign country and how while that is a great strength, not many employers actually realize that. 

So obviously if T spoke German, we know he’d be in like Flynn. (altho, what does that really mean, anyway?)

HOWEVER, it’s in INDIANA and the only possible positive side to that is that it is even closer to my mom’s and close enough to be able to pop up to her house on a given day.

After spending the afternoon in our friend’s backyard, planning how I’m going to get their veggie garden ready for them, watching Miles hang on our friend’s kids, and realizing how bummed our kind friends actually are to hear that we might move away, I don’t want to move.

But there’s been absolutely no job action here in this city for T and while there are some potential leads down south, we feel like it would be both foolish and irresponsible not to take a job if he were offered it.

A job in hand is worth two interview in the bush, as it were.

But I’m sad.  I should’ve prayed more specifically!

On the bright side, maybe T won’t get the job and save us from making the decision that neither one of us is very keen on but which would be the right one.  Because at least it would be a job!  And we could get moving on Hypothetical Child #2 and also GARDEN and also T being able to get home faster.

So there you have it.  I’m sure it will all work out, I’m just sad to yet again leave friends behind just as we get into a niche.

But I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we should know by the end of the week.

(p.s. sorry if this post sounds gloomy. I don’t feel particularly gloomy, just sad at having to leave friends again, especially t’s friends.  But then again, what would life be without a little sad in it.  It wouldn’t be real, that’s for sure!!)

The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

The Good:


It’s SPRING! Finally!

Did I mention it’s spring?

We played outside a lot today.

After a week of being under the weather, Miles finally shook off his upset tummy and the cold he had caught from me.

I am feeling better.

Troy only caught the cold, not the tummy bug.

There are banana oat muffins for breakfast tomorrow.

I’m seriously considering making some oat scones to take to the women’s group I intermittently attend.

The Bad:

Still no job for T. He’s had a couple preliminary interviews with another insurance company the past few weeks but no actual interviews. 

One of the jobs he applied for in Portland got back to him with a rejection (sorry, Amber).

I don’t have near enough garden space that I need want for this season.  And the amount of containers I might need to buy might make us go into debt.

Did I mention not having enough room to garden?

I can’t find my peat pots.

The Ugly:

LOTS of rolling-on-the-ground temper tantrums this afternoon. Ok, two.  But that’s A LOT for us. And by “us” I mean “Miles” (for today, anyway).

LOTS of WHINE this afternoon. 

What was up with this afternoon?

Poor boy: or, a post of absolutely NO interest to anyone other than my mom and maybe Sharon, Amber and Emily. Because they like me. And they are moms.

The Tyrant, after 2 and 1/2 years and one month, has finally been laid low. By something or other, presumably a virus of some sort.

I had just managed to get myself tucked up in bed when he threw up for the first time ever.

Poor boy.

And then it happend again. And again. And again.  Five times all total and each time we’d get up, get him changed (we gave up brushing his teeth after the second event), get the bed changed and get back to sleep only to have him repeat the whole process yet again. By the 4th time it came to me that I should probably have a bucket of some sort. So Number Five went into the bucket and that was the last one of the night.

He threw up three more times today and now is sleeping and has gone about 4 hours without hurling so I’m fervently praying that this is only a 24 hour bug, not a 48 hour one.

24 hours is  a long time with a sick little one. One’s day is  marked by

the smell of sour milk


“You think he’s ok, don’t you?”

checking little heads every so often

I’m keeping vigil over his bedside tonight. After the ENORMOUS pile of laundry including most of our blankets, all the flannel sheets, all of Miles’s jammies and most of my sweaters, I am determined to catch everything I can in the Bucket tonight!

He rallied briefly this afternoon but for the most part we’ve done a lot of laying on the sofa listening to music and extended napping/nursing sessions.  The milk doesn’t stay down but it probably stays down  long enough to get his body a little of what it needs to absorb, anyway, since breastmilk is so rapidly and easily digested.

Thank you to the four of you who have listened to my little tale of Miles’s First Illness.  Hopefully I’ll have nothing new to report tomorrow, other than a Bucket-free night.

City, 1; FussyCrankypants, 0; or, Why is it ALWAYS the bike??

When the Fussy Crankypants first got married, Mrs Fussy Crankypants had a bike (named Clive, true story) and this bike lived on the balcony of the second floor apartment they had the dubious pleasure of renting.  Clive’s history with the Fussy Crankypants was very short-lived as he was soon thereafter lifted/pinched/stolen/heisted from said balcony.

Last Father’s Day, Mrs Fussy Crankypants just happened to decide that buying a bike for Mr Fussy Crankypants would be both a brilliant and an awesome gift as Mr FC was always talking about going for a bike ride.  So one day, Mrs Fussy Crankypants left him at home with The Tyrant while Mrs Fussy Crankypants took his car (Mrs FC’s car having a carseat in it) to the Big Evil Box Store That Shall Remain Nameless But that Starts With Wal and Ends With Mart and picked out a brand new bicycle and wheeled it up and paid for it and took it out into the parking lot and put it into the trunk except she didn’t do that part because as it turned out it wouldn’t FIT in the trunk and so therefore she stood around in the parking lot looking frustrated and sweaty (did she mention it was starting to rain?) until some nice man who just HAPPENED to be an avid cyclist parked his car two cars down and came down to help and just HAPPENED to have the right kind of tool in his car to be able to take the wheel off and get the bike in the trunk at last and got it home and into the shed (did she mention the rain?).

Upon getting the bicycle for Father’s Day, Mr FC was delighted but also not in that he did not like the super-cool retro designed bike that Mrs FC had chosen, claming it was “too hard” to pedal. (Whatever) And so the bike was exchanged, after a suitable waiting time, coordiation of schedules, cramming BACK into the car and also waiting for the Only Employee Who Could Sell a Bike to get back from vacation at the Big Evil Box Store That Shall Remain Nameless But that Starts With Wal and Ends With Mart. And also it was Tuesday in the fourth quarter of the new moon three weeks before the summer solstice. Probably.

After getting the Bike of His Dreams For Under $100, Mr FC then proceeded to ride the bike around the FC’s then-neighborhood non-stop. Or at least three times.

Following the Folly of the Big Move of the Fussy Crankypants’ this year, the bike took up permanent residence in the garage, waiting for happier weather in which to be ridden.


This past weekend, intent upon mischief and also possibly finding a warm place to sleep, one or several unknown miscreants broke into said garage and proceeded to sleep in a warm place and/or  lift/pinch/steal/heist Mr FC’s erstwhile and ill-fated bicycle.

Therefore, vagrants and general miscreants in the city of This Fair City are hereby warned and notified that the Fussy Crankypants are no longer under any compulsion to offer succour (or hand-outs) to said down-and-outers as they have just made a $100 non-tax-deductible donation in your honor.

You have no house, the FCs have no bicycle.   That just about evens the score, right?

Another year and some thoughts thereon

It’s not only a new New Year, it’s a new year for me following my birthday on Tuesday.

I’m trying to feel positive but the past few days I have just felt,well, not positive.

Not positive:

Just made a major move involving the sale of our first home and relocating to a new area

The accumulation from 4 years of home-ownership, during which everything had its place (even if that place was a box in the basement) has now bit me on the butt as things remain left in boxes with very little place to put them and very little motivation to FIND a place to put them because

we may or may not be staying here for more than the next half a year because

T currently lacks a permanent work position owing to the sucky suckiness of The Big Bad Bank that made him quit to save his sanity and so he is on the hunt, again, for another job and is willing even to go back to his old place 2 hours south if anything opens up (they don’t have anything as of now) which means

we could move 2 hours south or

we may move house because T hates this house because it is a) a rental owned by a do-it-yourselfer and b) there may or may not be an asbestos hazard in the basement and c) there may or may not be electrical wiring safety issues also in the basement (srsly, I’ll take a pic to show you one of these days. it’s a mad, mad maze of wires down there)

And who knows what all of this means for my Have-a-Sibling-For-Miles-in-2010 Agenda?

Nap time has pretty much evaporated which means less down-time for me and also less chance to get computer time which makes it even harder to work

I’m also overwhelmed with all the stuff I want to learn about and put into practice

And also, I think I am missing the sun.

But on the plus side:



I have family coming to visit me this weekend, always good

There are carrot cake cupcakes with coconut frosting, also always good

No more nap time means we sleep in later in the mornings. sometimes. which is VERY good.

sleep has been decent the past week or so.

And I’m trying my hand at making bagels today so there are bagels rising downstairs.

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