Request #217.1a

If Mrs Fussy Crankypants has been nursing her toddler and If she comes back to the dinner table, particularly if she comes back to the dinner table at which her in-laws are also attending, and If you  notice any kind of garment issue, please, PLEASE mention it at once instead of letting her sit through the rest of dinner looking like she doesn’t know how to button necessary buttons.

Thank you.


Nursing my Toddler

Stages of Nursing

When I was nursing the infant TT, we would often connect by gazing into each other’s eyes as I held him close, safe and secure next to me, warm and cozy, as he enjoyed his sweet, warm drink.

Now that he is a toddler, an active little curly-headed boy, he can ask for milk when he wants, which is frequently.

“Milk, pease”, he says.

“Ok,” I answer, as I head for our chair.

He skips ahead of me, dancing with anticipation, climbing up on the chair ahead of me, his excited giggle betraying to me just how very much this means to him, these few minutes that we sit together, as I hold him close, safe and secure next to me, warm and cozy, as he enjoys his sweet, warm drink.

(Sometimes he even says “yum-yum”, which makes me laugh.)

But it is the giggle that gets me. It bubbles up and out; he is clearly so excited about getting milk that he can’t contain it.  I just love it.  And him. And I’m so grateful we’ve been able to nurse as long as we have been.

Extreme Recycling

I am all for wasting not and wanting not, but I just heard about the practice of U.S. cattle farmers of feeding chicken poop to cows.

this pretty much just confirms to me that despite the price tag, searching out grass-fed beef (or doing without) is going to have to be the way to go.

Making Do

This is what happens when Mrs Fussy Crankypants has a birthday coming up for her little TT but she has packed the wrapping paper AND the gift bags but still has some brown parcel paper, some chuncky transportation puzzle shapes and her son’s glitter glue:





No showings scheduled yet.  Mrs FC thinks that there should be about 7 different people trying to outbid each other for her sweet little house by now.  It is, after all, the third day since it was listed.

Realtor Tour

Today was supposed to be a realtor tour from 11 -1.

I took Miles out and about for that time and delayed naptime and I even LEFT COOKIES OUT for them. But I don’t think anyone stopped by. If they did, they didn’t leave a card.

It’s the last time I leave cookies out.  I’ll know now to eat them all myself instead.

(P.S. I also had a dental appoint. this morning early and found out I need a ROOT CANAL.  Gah. Must be all those cookies I eat because the realtors aren’t…)

Hi. Remember me?

I was going to write to you last night but I was all out of granola.  So you see how you rate. Lower than granola anyway.  But then, granola rates pretty high so don’t feel too desolate.

So you probably know by know that we are moving.  Last winter the decision was made that T would look for work in The Big City Two Hours North of Here because we were having a hard time finding friends. Of course in the intervening time I have made some wonderful friends that I am really going to miss now that The Move is going to take place.

A Very Large Financial Institution offered T a job about a week and a half ago.  And then the madness ensued.

All last week was spent packing, packing, packing, painting, packing, straightening and cleaning and we met with the realtor on Saturday and hopefully the listing will go through today.

When we met with him last spring, we assumed he would give us bad news regarding how much of a loss we would have to take.   We were surprised when he quoted us a listing figure above what we had bought for.  Much to our disappointment on Saturday, however, his list price had dropped $15,000 from what he had  mentioned before.

I doubt we would have been so disappointed by this if we hadn’t assumed from last spring that we might have a chance at breaking even.

Frankly,  this leaves a bad tasted in both our mouths regarding home ownership, at least in the short term.

T was talking yesterday that he figured in the four years we have been in this house, we have saved about $9,000 in rent.  However, taking into account the improvements and general maintenance costs, that figure drops substantially to only a few thousand, I would think.  And that is not even mentioning the general stress and hassle of moving an entire house.  It is vastly different from packing up an apartment and waltzing out after a month’s notice!  I thought I had a lot of stuff before but WHEW. It is nothing compared to a house.

(Alas for my back.)

All things considered, as long as I can find a landlord amenable to getting a tenant who offers free landscaping services, being a renter again will not be a big disappointment to me.

The house is being listed today. 

I like our little house. I like the quirky charms, the doorknobs that need finessing, or doors that won’t close, the enormous windows, the trim molding, the garden that I have created. Our first house. The house where our first petst were aquired. The house where our first baby was born.

I will miss it.

She’s Crafty

Long time, no type, eh?


Been busy crafting. Yes, that’s right, crafting. I haven’t really crafted at all since the TT was born (what a TRAVESTY!) but lately have had the opportunity to do a little. To wit:


Mei Tai for Leslie Mei Tai for Leslie


This is a baby carrier I made for a dear friend copied off the carrier I myself have. I hand-stitched little words all over it as well but I’m probably not going to do that again because I’m not convinced the stitching will be all that durable.


And then:

My new backpack

My new backpack

This is the new backpack I made for myself out of fabric left over from a different carrier I made for a cousin last spring.  The bag I had before was just a shoulder bag and every time I bent over to help Miles, it would wallop him and pretty much knock him over because it is just so dang heavy. So the backpack will alleviate my poor son’s being taken out every time we go out. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself and I planned it all out on my own WITHOUT a pattern, thank you very much.  Best of all, it was free because I had the material left over.

I”ve also started beading some rings based on a pattern from a ring a friend gave me but have no pics of that yet.  AND I’ve already started crafting away for another DEAR FRIEND who shall remain nameless for her baby next spring.  Since it usually takes me the whole entire pregnancy to get my gifts done, it is not too soon for that.


Plus we’ve been busy doing stuff:


The zoo

The zoo


First ride without mama and dada (with Phoebe, an excellent ride partner)

First ride without mama and dada (with Phoebe, an excellent ride partner)


Ren Fest 2009

Ren Fest 2009


The Krohn Conservatory (pay no attention to my enormous face)

The Krohn Conservatory (pay no attention to my enormous forehead)