Wrong, wrong, wrong

My brother forwarded this to me and it is just wrong on so many levels, not to mention poor pronunciation and bad fashion.  Notice the gaijin guy wearing that bandana; that’s the ‘I think this is really stupid and this is how I’m protesting’ look. or maybe, ‘i have lived in Japan too long and must assert my inidividuality’ look. But let’s just talk about it, shall them?  The TPR segment is a good way to learn language but learning chunks like that is not really useful. What if she was robbed by only 1 man? or more than two men? She wouldn’t be able to convey that to the Aussie (not sure Aussie; will have to listen again) cop.  Secondly, you would have to be pretty determined to kill someone with a penknife.  But finally, the moral of the story is that gaijins are do-badders and you better just stay home in Japan or you will be sure to be mugged or worse and then your aerobics instructors will come around and shout at you in accented English.


I’m Baaaack

Sorry for the radio silence, everyone, er, every one reader who is Nikki.  Just got back from a trip out to central PA to visit some relatives and generally eat a lot of food. We went to the local State College Korean restaurant twice, compliments of my uncle who treated both times. Yay! Had a bit of a hairy drive out; the roads were slushy starting at about Akron and on into the PA mountains and even tho it didn’t look slick, it must have been b/c there were many, many vehicles off the road. Most of them had just slid off, not crashed but it was enough to slow me down to 55 so it took awhile to get out. Had lots of nice snow while there but fortunately it was clear all the way back today. My brother drove up from Norfolk as well and on Saturday lots of other cousins and their families came in to my uncle’s, so it was general mayhem and fun, what with all the youngsters running about and being cute and energetic but not cranky (that is ALWAYS a plus in my book! what is the secret to non-fussy kids, by the way?).  It is always nice to get back there and I hadn’t been back for almost 2 years so I just decided to take the time off from work and go. I’m glad I did but maybe next time I will go when there’s less chance of snow^^ 

Poor Kitty

I had to take poor Ollie to the vet not once but twice today. The first time was for his yearly vaccinations. The second time was for after he deposited his breakfast not once but 4 times in various places around my bedroom including but not limited to a folder, the floor, and the bedsheets.  So he was none too happy to hear that he had to go back to the vet and he growled mildly at me when i tried to convince him that his carrier would be a good place for him to get into again.  He slept the rest of the afternoon, a miserable, bedraggled beast (they had put some fluids in him, as well, to counter act the vomiting) but is back to his usual perky and hungry self.  He remained silent on the topic of how he expected to pay for the not one but 2 vet bills he incurred today, however.

You just never know in this job

You just never know what you are going to come across when proofreading but this is one I don’t see everyday:

“Being the world’s best condom maker in the world…”

ADDENDUM:  Korean wines are also number one best in world

Made of 100% Chungju apples through at least three months of fermentation! Chungjus clean, quality apples are contained in this tender and aromatic wine! A gentle and aromatic wine for women Apple Tree; a stronger wine for men – Youth! 100% natural Chungju apples fermented in a special process and enhanced with anti-aging material (OPCs) In Love!

ALSO: A whole lot of lovin’ goin’ on here (are they Sex Farm Women? It’s from Spinal Tap, mom^^):

Corporate Love Farm Love Campaign Headquarters

The Guy at the Restaurant on Friday

Dear Guy at the Restaurant,

I saw you walk in with the three girls. I watched you all sit down and I saw you launch into your exhortation of your companions to use chopsticks. You held them up to the one girl and kept saying, ‘like this, like this. do it like this.’  I must say that while technically your style was correct, you lost points both for how low and tightly cramped you held them and for being an ass. And then, when your food came, you started to eat with your chopsticks so you could show off your Chopstick Skills and impress the Ladies. But you made one mistake.  Dude, NOBODY eats BiBimBap with chopsticks.  How gauche can you be?  You thought you’d impress them with your skills and maybe you did, but it was obvious to any and everyone else who knew anything about Korea that you had been there maybe one year and had done the usual ex-pat round which pretty much peaks in getting to know the drinking culture.  If you had had to depend on your so-called chopstick skills to survive, you would be a much thinner, deader man today.
Word of advice: next time, leave the chopsticks to the professionals.
Yeojah Waeguk SonSaengnim

B-day weekend

Much eating has been done this weekend (Essencha (yay! I got some loose leaf Lapsang Soochong), Korea House (where they remembered us from New Year’s Eve, yay!), Cheesecake Factory (mmmm), Bob Evans (plus my mom brought along special birthday cupcakes she had made just for me! because she is nice like that), and Spaghetti Factory (it was really noisy!)). There are many leftovers residing in my fridge. Yay for not having to cook this week!!!  I got to see a lot of nice people over the past couple days so it really has been a good birthday.

Hope your weekend was good.  Now for lesson planning!

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday, me! Thanks, Self! 
I’m not really a numbers person (I know you will be surprised to hear that) and dates are pretty much the same.  So one more year added to my life doesn’t have all that much meaning except to remind me how fast time is going and how many things I want to accomplish that i haven’t gotten to yet.  I don’t feel as old as the calendar says. I guess once you get to the age that sounded ‘old’ and ‘mature’ to you at one time and you expected to have much more self-knowledge and wisdom by now than you do, once you get there, age loses the meaning it had when you were younger and growing. Now it’s not so much years as events and learning experiences that make the difference and that you mark time by.  (My mom is laughing at me right now because she so knows all this and, I guess, everyone who is reading knows this b/c none of you are that much younger than me–unless Stephanie reads this!).
Have a good day on me!

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