stole it

ok, i stole this link from my brother’s homepage but i have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. i’m seriously going to have to work on Ollie’s skills


Tales from the crypt(ic teacher)

I did a brief lesson on Halloween for my advanced students this morning and then one of them, this Brazilian woman, starts talking about this Halloween party she went to this weekend. She was so excited!  She said it was the best party she had been to since she’s been in the States and as far as I could tell, everyone was pretty much hammered by the end of it, so yeah, it must have been good! Anyway, the point of the story is that she was so excited and it was really cute and then I started thinking that the last time I was at a Halloween party was when I was about 10 and I am such a loser to have no social life. Oh, well, There’s always next year. Not that I care much about Halloween, it’s just dressing up in costumes that I like. But, hey! Since when do you need an excuse for that?! I do it all the time…so does Troy! (heh, heh, just kidding…about me, I mean…)

In other news: does anyone need a cat, I mean, besides Zach and Nikki?  Black Cat made friends with us yesterday. She’s in considerably better health than Sweetie (who is improving daily and is looking forward to having Zach sleep down in the basement with her) and she’s very pretty, all black, and as affectionate as Sweetie is.  We’ll be taking her to the vet this week for shots and to get a wound on her leg treated and after that, NO MORE STRAY CATS!  I mean it!

Arrr, me maties!

Troy’s band is here and you can hear the music here altho the music doesn’t start until after the 1st minute or two.  And, no, he didn’t have any input into the name.

What did I even do today? I don’t know but it wasn’t enough. Still too much on my to-do list.  So that means more for tomorrow. Of course.  And I hear that Colleen may or may not be coming out when Rob comes out and I just want to say that she BETTER come out or I will be SEVERELY disappointed!!

And finally, check this out: there’s this guy I vaguely know (who may or may not have appeared in another post of mine concerning ethical behavior). His son just graduated from high school last year and this guy decides his son should join the Air Force. So he makes the kid sign up because if he doesn’t, the kid gets kicked out, the kid gets to boot camp this month and now is in sick bay and may or may not be discharged but this guy has said to the kid that the kid can’t come back home to live with him but has to go live in another major metropolitan area in IL w/ his mother who this guy divorced because she is bipolar and has lots of issues. and it’s not like the kid is deliquent or on drugs or anything but a really nice kid. and the kicker is that this guy’s new wife, who he just married last winter, has a daughter who was living down south w/ her dad but now has decided to move in w/ this guy and her mom.  it’s all about being kicked out of your house so your new step-sister can live there instead. what do people think when they have kids? how can you treat your own son like that?  I just wonder about people sometimes. no, all the time.

So far so good

We got the bloodwork back on Sweetie and there are no problems w/ her on that end!  No kidney problems, a slightly elevated white blood count…the vet thought she might have some kind of virus that i don’t know how to spell and that it would have to run its course.  Or she might have some kind of bacterial mouth infection.  hard to say. They are going to run a feline leukemia test on the blood she donated the other night so we’ll see what that has to say.  I’m taking her in on Saturday for a check on the unspellable virus.  We’re not out of the woods yet but things are looking better than they were a few days ago when i was crying into my pillow for poor neglected kitty.  We had to hand-inject some fluids into her mouth w/ a needle-less syringe, which i had never done before. Ollie is very curious about what’s in the basement but he’s also wary, which is good. he doesn’t need to catch any unspellable viruses.

What kind of a vet recommends euthanasia like that?  A vet that runs his own very small, understaffed clinic, I guess. I think he must deal in routine in-and-out treatments and probably doesn’t have time for time-intensive animals like Sweetie.  I’ll take her there to be spade, though, if it comes to that because it was only $45 there and it is $195 at our vet!

Anybody home?

When will this guy stop?  What in the world goes on in his mind?! This is a good idea how?


Thanks in part to Nancy Noak, friend and vet advisor extraordinaire, and to Troy West, kind and compassionate husband who is willing to enter into his wife’s pain, no matter how silly it may seem, scrawny stray, hereinafter referred to as “Sweetie” has gotten some more care and assistance. Nancy recommended that we get a second opinion and so this evening Troy went and spent about 3 hours waiting at the vet to whom we take Ollie to get better treatment for Sweetie.  This clinic is a little more expensive but they didn’t just dismiss poor kitty out of hand and offered a basic treatment program for half the price of the other clinic. So now Sweetie is waiting out the effects of Advantix in our basement where she is supplied w/ wet food, Pedialyte and a warm(er) place to sleep after a grueling time at the vet during which she was poked, prodded and otherwise insulted.  Troy said that through it all she kept purring so she is earning her name. We wil get the results of her bloodwork back tomorrow to find out about her kidneys. The vet at Grady Pet Hospital offered several reasons for why she was in the state she was and they didn’t all include a death setence, which may be false hope but at least we can reasonably feel like we can at least give her some quality of life after all she’s been through.

So yay for Nancy and double yay for Troy’s generosity in giving up his evening and yay for vets that actually take an interest in extremely suffering animals.  And many thanks to those of you who sent me such kind words about my poor stray kitty. I really appreciated it….

More later but I feel much better now than I did last night at this time. Wait. Last night at this time I was asleep, which is where I shall be in a few brief minutes now that I’ve finally finished my proofreading for the night! Good-night, all!


I locked scrawny cat away in my shed all day today by luring her in w/ wet food.  I took her to the vet this evening after work. Apparently she is about 6 years old, severly dehydrated, has ulcers around her mouth so can’t drink and probably has some kind of kidney and/or liver failure. the vet was less than impressed with my poor stray cat and his best option was euthanasia. Now, having worked as a vet tech in the past, i have helped euthanize more animals than i would have cared to, but this poor little thing, well, I just couldn’t, could I? I lured her in and couldn’t leave her there just to get the pink stuff.  So i brought her back home. I guess I will run a pet hospice until she gets to be in too much pain.  She is obviously happy now just to have someone to pet her and give her attention. It makes me so sad because it’s obvious now that she used to be someone’s pet. Did she get lost and then get sick? Did she get sick and get abandoned?  It’s too horrible to think about that kind of dumb suffering.  The gist I got from the vet was that she was sick because she wasn’t cared for: dental problems that got into the blood stream and caused kidney problems. I’m so sad right now.

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