Last Day

This was the last day of my extended single-parenting effort and I, for one, am glad.

Actually, I’m sure Miles will also be glad so that makes two people glad.

I’m both exhausted and defeated by how terrible my mothering has been particularly over the past couple days. Miles has been testing his limits a lot over the past few days (or it seems that way to me, anyway) and couple that with PMS and you have for a bad scenario.  I hate the way I’ve been responding to him; even though I know it is the culmination of some stressful times, I dislike it and look forward to having some help so I can step back and hopefully regroup and respond better going forward.

Tomorrow I’m headed to IN for a last walk-through with the agent (Criminals! Beware!  Am leaving 3 very dangerous and unpredictable cats at home! Also! Large dog next door!  You cannot enter undetected or leave unharmed!) after a stop at the dairy from which I will potentially be buying a cow to get bootleg raw milk (Am super-excited about that and it is the topic for another post.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and am convinced that real milk from cows living in optimum conditions–outside in the meadow– given their very most favoristest food–grass–is a super-food, nutrient-dense and powerfully effective.  And safe, Mom, very safe. I’ll tell you all about it.  Note to all:  Read The Untold Story of Milk: Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Foods by Ron Schmidt. Or just wait till I blog about it.)

Where was I?

Right. Walk-through.  Over-night with T in Indy, closing at 9 a.m. Thursday, probably run up once more to gloat and then head home to OH again BUT my mom (bless her heart) will be coming to meet me (hopefully) and then Friday we’ll do a last food tour of C-bus pack and T will be home Friday night and Saturday we’ll eat more ice cream pack and Sunday T will go back but Monday  the movers will come and take our crap load of stuff (Oh! Remember when we could move with a couple cars and a pick-up truck?  Yeah, neither do I.  That’s way too long ago.)

HOPEFULLY, God willing (which He has been so far very recently), we’ll be able to get on the road again to IN and that will be that. 

Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig.

Lord, how ready I am. 

Sad to leave.

But ready.

And looking forward to being a better mom because of it!


Fourth times the charm

It’s the fourth time you cancelled on me.

I think we’ll call it over.

Maybe next time I’ll rate higher. Or maybe not.

Thanks for playing!