No News is…No News

T was supposed to hear yesterday about the job he interviewed for last week but he got an email yesterday saying they were “taking more time for consideration”. 

At this point we both have the feeling that he won’t get this one.  But as a) he didn’t expect to get an interview and b) we really didn’t want to move there anyway, perhaps its not ALL bad.

I was thinking the other day that it has been about a year since he started looking for a job to come up here and so its been about a year that we have really had no idea about the future or what it would look like from month to month.  And while humans actually DON”T have any idea of what the future hold from month to month, we do tend to allow ourselves to settle into grooves and at least THINK we know what to expect.

So this state of unsettledness has been going on for awhile and is getting wearing.

And to top it all off, T saw some positions with his company in the state of MAINE and i have been thinking with great longing of the state of Maine all week but I know it would be great foolhardiness to even contemplate moving there when our whole goal is to stay near family whilst the children (which of course, means the TT at this point) are little.

But, Maine….

This kind of scenery counts for a lot

But if we were going to move far away, we’d just move to Oregon and save the hassle of a coast-to-coast move:

Ok, technically it's Washington, but you get the gist.


But in the meantime, we’d just like a job, please, and we’ll be still satisfied even it is in the mid-west for the time being.

Flat fields for now are fine.


Ready for Easter

Blue eggs


Don’t know if you can tell from the picture or not, but these eggs are a delightful pale blue, just in time for Easter!

What kind of hens lay blue eggs, anyway?  The answer is araucanas, among others.

Yet another nice reason to own chickens: you’ll never have to color eggs for Easter again.

I blew these out yesterday (a process which the TT found mighty interesting).  I couldn’t find my pysanki equipment so I had to do it the old-fashioned way with a needle and lots of lip power.

But aren’t they wonderful?

One breed is the Araucana

Quote for the Day

…Food is not a commodity to be produced as cheaply as possible. It is the living matter that fuels our systems.

Eliot Coleman, Four-Season Harvest

Praying precisely

There has been some movement recently on potential jobs for T and one for which he interview last Friday and felt like he might be a strong candidate for and couple leads at his old job.

Nothing, however, in the city in which we now live.

And while I have been praying and believing quite as steadily as is possible for me, in between the bouts of not believing and feeling generally gloomy, that something good will turn up, this job for which T interviewed is in, well, Indiana.

It kind of came out of the blue and when he applied for it, he didn’t really think he had a chance but after a phone interivew (which he didn’t feel went particularly well) they called him in for a regular interview.  He actually quite liked the guy he’d be working under and, ironically, that guy’s boss is from Germany and so during T’s interview with Mr Germany, they talked a lot about the different kind of perspective you get when living in a foreign country and how while that is a great strength, not many employers actually realize that. 

So obviously if T spoke German, we know he’d be in like Flynn. (altho, what does that really mean, anyway?)

HOWEVER, it’s in INDIANA and the only possible positive side to that is that it is even closer to my mom’s and close enough to be able to pop up to her house on a given day.

After spending the afternoon in our friend’s backyard, planning how I’m going to get their veggie garden ready for them, watching Miles hang on our friend’s kids, and realizing how bummed our kind friends actually are to hear that we might move away, I don’t want to move.

But there’s been absolutely no job action here in this city for T and while there are some potential leads down south, we feel like it would be both foolish and irresponsible not to take a job if he were offered it.

A job in hand is worth two interview in the bush, as it were.

But I’m sad.  I should’ve prayed more specifically!

On the bright side, maybe T won’t get the job and save us from making the decision that neither one of us is very keen on but which would be the right one.  Because at least it would be a job!  And we could get moving on Hypothetical Child #2 and also GARDEN and also T being able to get home faster.

So there you have it.  I’m sure it will all work out, I’m just sad to yet again leave friends behind just as we get into a niche.

But I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we should know by the end of the week.

(p.s. sorry if this post sounds gloomy. I don’t feel particularly gloomy, just sad at having to leave friends again, especially t’s friends.  But then again, what would life be without a little sad in it.  It wouldn’t be real, that’s for sure!!)

14 Years


m & t wedding, originally uploaded by mdwest2007.

14 years and counting.

The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

The Good:


It’s SPRING! Finally!

Did I mention it’s spring?

We played outside a lot today.

After a week of being under the weather, Miles finally shook off his upset tummy and the cold he had caught from me.

I am feeling better.

Troy only caught the cold, not the tummy bug.

There are banana oat muffins for breakfast tomorrow.

I’m seriously considering making some oat scones to take to the women’s group I intermittently attend.

The Bad:

Still no job for T. He’s had a couple preliminary interviews with another insurance company the past few weeks but no actual interviews. 

One of the jobs he applied for in Portland got back to him with a rejection (sorry, Amber).

I don’t have near enough garden space that I need want for this season.  And the amount of containers I might need to buy might make us go into debt.

Did I mention not having enough room to garden?

I can’t find my peat pots.

The Ugly:

LOTS of rolling-on-the-ground temper tantrums this afternoon. Ok, two.  But that’s A LOT for us. And by “us” I mean “Miles” (for today, anyway).

LOTS of WHINE this afternoon. 

What was up with this afternoon?